Established in 2003, _SCAPE magazine is a regionally recognized publication produced by the American Society of Landscape Architects, Minnesota Chapter (ASLA-MN). Since its launch, _SCAPE has evolved to become a valuable publication made available to ASLA-MN members in print and to the general public through an electronic version. _SCAPE serves as the chapters’ primary tool for communicating the nature and value of landscape architecture to broader audiences such as affiliated professionals, municipal administrators, policy makers and educators.

Content is based on two primary objectives: 1) serving ASLA-MN members and, 2) promoting the landscape architecture profession through education and information. As a core element of the landscape architecture profession, design is a prominent focus of both the articles and essays and their graphical presentation. Vendor advertisements fund the publication. Standing features have included coverage of the ASLA-MN design awards, annual membership directory, and letter from the chapter president. Dynamic features include articles and essays addressing trends in the profession at-large and coverage of local developments and activities. Authors have also varied, and have included both practitioners and non-practitioners.

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