This award is given to an individual, group, organization, business, governmental or non-governmental agency who has been instrumental / influential in the planning, design, development, administration, maintenance or preservation of a historic site, an historic landmark or cultural landscapes in a park, park system, or wildlife preserve. The individual to be nominated may be a Landscape Architect, Park Planner, Architect, Park Historian, Engineer, Administrator, Writer, maintenance person, politician, etc. Membership in ASLA is desirable but not critical. The award will be a brass medallion, 3.5” diameter with Theodore Wirth on the front side of the medallion. The back of the medallion will be engraved with the recipient’s name, year and accomplishment. The medallion will be supplied by the Wirth estate.

2017 Peggy Lynch
2016 William Sanders
2015 Peter Olin
2014 Don Ganje
2013 Kent Worley
2012 Roger Martin
2011 Milt Krona