Honor Award Madeline Goldkamp  
Merit Award Ethan McKnight  
Merit Award Yuqi Yan  


Honor Award Xiye Mou  
Merit Award Bridget Ayers-Looby  
Merit Award Jonathan Fillmore  
Merit Award Christopher Lybeck  


Honor Award Jody Rader  
Honor Award Shannon Sawyer  
Merit Award Rachel Burand  
Merit Award Jodi Refsland  


Honor Award Amber Hill  
Honor Award Erin Garnass-Holmes  
Merit Award Michael Richardson  
Merit Award Michael Schiebe  


Honor Award Han Zhang  
Honor Award Elizabeth Hixson  
Merit Award Matthew Traucht  
Merit Award Christine Dorius  


Honor Award Anna Lawrence Bierbrauer Occupancy/Abundance; Vacancy/Waste
Honor Award Kristen Murray Conversation and Change at University and Dale
Merit Award Tiffani Navratil Social Restoration, The Rivulet, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Re-Envisioning Urban Waterways as Catalysts for Social Rejuvenation
Merit Award Brit Salmela Large-Scale Urban Interventions; Urban Public Space Design


Honor Award Rachel Baudler  
Honor Award Natalie Ross  
Merit Award Colleen O’Dell  
Merit Award Sarah Weeks  


Honor Award Adrienne Bockheim The Experience + Interpretation of the Intersections of Urban Systems and Natural SYstmes + History + Infrastructure
Honor Award Emily Shively Unique Sense of Place - Capture | Reveal | Preserve | Enhance
Merit Award Michelle Barness Imbedding nature in the function and experience of our every day lives
Merit Award Sam Geer Design is a poetry of metaphors, which deepens, challenges, and articulates a more considerate relationship with our environment, but also with our selves.


Honor Award Matthew Kocian Reestablishing an Interaction between Collective Human Practices and Ecological Processes to Enhance the Social, Economic, and Ecological Stability of Public Space while Addressing Past, Present and Future Concerns
Honor Award Kathryn Skelton As a landscape architect, I am committed to Adaptive Management and Design, Community Process and Empowerment, and Long-term Visioning.
Merit Award Kristin Raab Bridging science and design and creating beautiful, healthy landscapes through writing, teaching, and practice.
Merit Award Cynthia Lapp  


Honor Award Cynthia Carlson  
Honor Award Ryan Barker  
Merit Award Carrie Ann Fatham  
Merit Award Laura Lyndgaard  


Honor Award Anna Claussen  
Merit Award Erica Christenson  


Honor Award Niki Carlson  
Merit Award Trygve Hansen  
Merit Award Chelsa Johnson  
Merit Award Danyelle Payne  


Honor Award Nichole Schlepp Design As Connection, University of Minnesota
Honor Award Andrea Wedul Andrea Wedul, Cedar Riverside Urban Stormwater Park, Urban Design Studio
Merit Award Kelly Fetzer Artists Quarters, University of Minnesota
Merit Award Lydia Major Layers on the Land - Agricultural Heritage and Sustainable Future Educational Center at Valhalla Farms


Honor Award Sean Jergens Sacca San Biagio West - Concept Master Plan
Honor Award Qing Luo Pleasant Wood - Cottage Grove, Minnesota - Planned Units Development Project
Merit Award Eric Roverud UMORE: University Research Community
Merit Award Courtney Skybak Sacca San Biagio West - Urban Housing Development


Honor Award Zachary Bloch  
Honor Award Chris Tierney  
Merit Award Lori Lippert  
Merit Award Ryan Seibold  


Honor Award Shawn Kummer  
Honor Award Anne K. Okerman  
Merit Award Sara Fabel  
Merit Award Kathryn Terrell  


Honor Award Regina Flanagan  
Honor Award Stephanie Grotta  
Merit Award Rhonda Bell  
Merit Award Don Colberg  


Honor Award Karyn Edwalds (Luger)  
Honor Award Tony Randazzo  
Merit Award Jason Parks Aune  
Merit Award Garrett Tews  


Honor Award Maureen Casey  
Honor Award Stephan Roos  
Merit Award Lillian Curlee  
Merit Award Michael Jischke  


Honor Award Rona Holdt  
Honor Award Jenny Shimota  
Merit Award Aaron Mikonowicz  
Merit Award Jaci Obst  


Honor Award Rebecca McNeil  
Honor Award Todd Schroeder  
Merit Award Michele Hanson  
Merit Award Janice Savite-Sann  


Graduate Honor Award Liz Anderson  
Graduate Honor Award Nancy Benjamin  
Undergraduate Merit Award Monica Mogren  
Undergraduate Merit Award Robert Near  


Graduate Honor Award Joni Giese  
Graduate Honor Award Jo Magnuson Martinson  
Graduate Merit Award Veronica Anderson  
Graduate Merit Award Mary Jackson  
Undergraduate Honor Award Bob Day  
Undergraduate Merit Award Karen Kuchera  


Graduate Honor Award Craig Nelson  
Graduate Merit Award Ross Martin  
Undergraduate Honor Award Elaine Brubaker  
Undergraduate Honor Award Paul Yoshitomi  
Undergraduate Merit Award Tim Clemen  
Undergraduate Merit Award Bill Ohland  


Honor Award William Bleckwenn  
Honor Award Carmen Simonet  
Merit Award Theresa Hegland  
Merit Award Theodore Lee  


Student Award Patricia Cummens MN River Valley CAD/GIS Study


Merit Award Susan M. Smith Currie Park Annex


Merit Award Michael Braden The Upper Mississippi Peleontological Interpretive Retreat


Honor Award Thomas Henkes, Kevin Keenan, Lynn Posphexpny Rolling Ridges Girl Scout Program Center
Merit Award Michael Fenelon The Hollow/Adventure Playground