Those submitting nominations must meet at least one of the following requirements:  
  Fellow of the Minnesota Chapter of the ASLA  
  Full Member of the Minnesota Chapter of the ASLA  
  Associate Member of the Minnesota Chapter of the ASLA  
  Affiliate Member of the Minnesota Chapter of the ASLA  
  Registered Landscape Architect in the State of Minnesota  
  Refer to the ASLA website for a description of membership categories at http://www.asla.org/Join.aspx  
  I. Community Design Excellence Award  
    This award is given to a private developer, elected official or municipal employee/department—typically not a practicing Landscape Architect—who has recognized the role urban design and environmental excellence play in maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Minnesota's towns and cities. Recipients have shown a strong commitment to the work of landscape architects, sustainable design, and place making. Examples of typical recipients include but are not limited to: a developer of a particular project, or body of projects, that enhances the built environment; an elected official who has sought to better a community through design; and a municipal employee/department who has excelled at helping shape the designed environment.  
  II. Public Service Award  
    The Public Service Award is generally presented to a landscape architect working in the public or non-profit sectors who has demonstrated exemplary service to the public through projects or advocacy in the context of the job or in a voluntary capacity.  
  III. H.W.S. Cleveland Award  
    The H.W.S. Cleveland Award is given annually to an individual trained in landscape architecture who is not yet licensed. Recipients have shown through their work and service to ASLA-MN that they have the potential to be a leader in the profession. The intent of the award is to help offset the cost of taking the licensing exam. Recipients must be a member of ASLA-MN.  
  IV. Support of Emerging Professionals Award  
    This award is given to a person or group for outstanding achievement in service that encourages and implements sustained achievement and support for emerging professionals in Minnesota. Recipients show commitment to successful recruitment, integration, mentorship, promotion and retention of emerging professionals in the established professional community.  
  V. Theodore Wirth Award for Excellence in Parks  
    This award is given to an individual, group, organization, business, governmental or non-governmental agency who has been instrumental / influential in the planning, design, development, administration, maintenance or preservation of a historic site, an historic landmark or cultural landscapes in a park, park system, or wildlife preserve. The individual to be nominated may be a Landscape Architect, Park Planner, Architect, Park Historian, Engineer, Administrator, Writer, maintenance person, politician, etc. Membership in ASLA is desirable but not critical. The award will be a brass medallion, 3.5” diameter with Theodore Wirth on the front side of the medallion. The back of the medallion will be engraved with the recipient’s name, year and accomplishment. The medallion will be supplied by the Wirth estate.  
  The jury will evaluate nominations using the above criteria for each Award Category. In the narrative accompanying your submission, please include information relevant to the criteria above to help the ASLA-MN Board evaluate your nomination. ONLY NOMINATIONS ACCOMPANIED BY A COMPLETED NOMINATION FORM WILL BE CONSIDERED.

As in years past, the submissions will be reviewed by the Executive Committee of ASLA-MN and voted on by all board members. The Executive Committee reserves the right to not grant an award notwithstanding a nomination(s). Award-winning recipients will be publicly recognized at ASLA-MN's Awards Celebration and Spring Gala and will receive an ASLA Certificate of Recognition. As space allows, award winners will also be featured in ASLA-MN publications throughout the following year, including _SCAPE and our Web site: www.asla-mn.org.

Special note on Theodore Wirth award: A list of candidates will be submitted to the Award Selection Committee (ASC) by the ASLA Fellows. The ASC will be composed of co-founder of the Minneapolis Parks Legacy Society, Joan Berthiaume, a member of the ASLA-MN Board, a member of the local NRPA, a member of the MNLA and possibly a member of the AIA or other affiliated organization. The ASC will determine the recipient and announce / present the award at the annual ASLA-MN Awards Celebration.

  Award winners will be notified in March and will be invited to ASLA-MN's Awards Celebration and Spring Gala for recognition and appreciation. Award recipients will receive up to two complimentary tickets to the banquet.  
  Nominations must be made online at https://aslamn.wufoo.com/forms/aslamn-service-award-nomination-form/  
  Friday, February 23, 2018, 4:00 p.m.  
  ASLA-MN's 2018 Co-Directors of Awards and Banquets:  
  Emily Neuenschwander, emily@thinkconfluence.com  
  Trygve Hansen, thansen@hga.com