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Call for Article Submissions Summer 2017 Issue

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Article Content Theme
_SCAPE magazine is now accepting distinctive article submissions for the Summer 2017 issue. Each year, the ASLA-MN chapter embraces a theme to encourage continued education.  This year's theme is Equity - Designing for the 21st Century.

In 2017, ASLA-MN will explore innovation and best practices in design and civic engagement that equitably represent all stakeholders. We will examine how landscape architecture can promote social, environmental and economic equity; recognize and address the changing demographics of our cities and countryside; address environmental justice; and be used as a tool to create healthy and livable communities.

Submission Guidelines
Interested authors who have unique content, which seeks to incorporate the theme, are invited to submit their article proposals for inclusion. Please see deadlines below. In order to provide a quality magazine to our readership, these deadlines are firm, so plan accordingly! A nominal stipend is compensated for articles that meet target criteria, please contact the editor to discuss further. If stipend is applicable, please indicate in advance if you would like to have it waived.


Article Proposals
Deadline for submission: April 7, 2017
Email to Madeline Peck:
  • Brief summary of proposed article content.
  • Please indicate how your topic incorporates the Equity - Designing for the 21st Century theme.

Authors will be notified of selection by Friday April 14th. Final article submission will be due no later than Monday, May 15.

  Final Article Submission Requirements
Email to Madeline Peck:
  • Article title, author’s name, affiliation and or title (if applicable), mailing address, phone number, and email.
  • Biographical author information, may not exceed 30 words per author. Optional headshot.
  • Please submit final article in Microsoft Word format; 1,000 – 2,500 words. Associated images must be high resolution, 300 dpi, sent in conjunction with article.


Authors interested in creating and designing their own innovative magazine spreads are encouraged to contact the editor. Please note, all submitted content is subject to review and edit by the _SCAPE editorial committee. Proof spreads will be distributed to authors prior to publication. The _SCAPE editorial committee reserves the right to make corrections, omit material or make minor reorganization as required to achieve a reasonably consistent look and feel to any submitted work. Contact Madeline Peck, _SCAPE magazine’s editor, for further information or questions at 763.234.7809 or

_SCAPE Overview
Established in 2003, _SCAPE magazine is a regionally recognized publication produced by the American Society of Landscape Architects, Minnesota Chapter (ASLA-MN). Since its launch, _SCAPE has evolved to become a valuable publication made available to ASLA-MN members in print and to the general public through an electronic version. _SCAPE serves as the chapters’ primary tool for communicating the nature and value of landscape architecture to broader audiences such as affiliated professionals, municipal administrators, policy makers and educators.

Content is based on two primary objectives: 1) serving ASLA-MN members and, 2) promoting the landscape architecture profession through education and information. As a core element of the landscape architecture profession, design is a prominent focus of both the articles and essays and their graphical presentation. Vendor advertisements fund the publication. Standing features have included coverage of the ASLA-MN design awards, annual membership directory, and letter from the chapter president. Dynamic features include articles and essays addressing trends in the profession at-large and coverage of local developments and activities. Authors have also varied, and have included both practitioners and non-practitioners.

Download Call for Article Submissions