flanagan-regina-170 James Corner Field Operation’s design for Nicollet Mall is complemented by new contemporary public art and restored historic works from the 1960s-90s. Follow the installations this fall at www.nicolletmallart.org a blog and website authored by landscape architect Regina M Flanagan, one of four artists selected to work on the project. Flanagan combines her fine arts background with her training in landscape architecture to provide both art and design perspectives. Read the fascinating story about Jack Nelson’s Sculpture Clock that resulted from a collaboration with Laurence Halprin in 1968. Check out the Artist’s Process tab for new works by Tristan Al-Haddad, Ned Kahn (creator of The Wave at Target Field), and Blessing Hancock whose lanterns feature emerging poets Moheb Soliman, Sagirah Shahid, Junauda Petrus and R. Vincent Moniz, Jr. (Nu’Eta). Why and how Minneapolis invests in public art is considered in Urban Design under the History tab. The website and new and returning public artworks are funded by the City of Minneapolis Community Planning & Economic Development Art in Public Places.
Al-Haddad Diptych-175