Our Highest Honor Since 1989!

The Lob Pine is the highest Honor given out by the Minnesota Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA-MN). Recipients have demonstrated exemplary leadership and mentorship for our landscape architecture community over an extended period of time. The award is named after prominent pine trees that were trimmed to create distinct visual reference points for early voyagers in the northwoods. ASLA-MN has been giving this award since 1989. The selection of the Lob Pine Award recipient is chosen solely by the acting President at her or his discretion and is usually kept confidential until the awards banquet.


2017 Regina Bonsignore
2016 Frank Fitzgerald
2015 Bryan Carlson
2014 Ellen Stewart
2013 Richard Murphy Jr.
2012 Adam Arvidson
2011 Bryan Carlson
2010 David Motzenbecker
2009 John Koepke
2008 Joan MacLeod
2007 Greg Kellenberger
2006 Peggy Sand Booth
2005 Jim Hagstrom
2004 Lance Neckar
2003 Bob Close
2002 Doris Sullivan
2001 Barry Warner
2000 Damon Farber
1999 Greg Kopischke
1998 Jim Robin
1997 Joan Nassauer
1996 Roger Clemence
1995 Kent Worley
1994 Bill Sanders
1993 Herb Baldwin
1992 Keith Wehrman
1991 Margie Pitz
1990 Peter Olin
1989 Roger Martin