The Minnesota Chapter initiated and award for the purpose of recognizing individuals, agencies, companies, news media and others who had made significant contributions in the field of environmental awareness. The environmental awareness award was first awarded in 1972. Each listing corresponds to the year in which the award recipient contributed the special effort.

2008 Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network  
2006 Friends of the Mississippi River, Whitney Clark  
2005 Trust for Public Land  
2004 Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota  
2002 Trust for Public Land  
1998 DeWayne Townsend, Chair Longfellow  
1997 The Land Stewardship Project  
1996 Greening the Great River Park of St. Paul and its director Rob Buffler  
1995 Prairie Restorations, Inc., Save Cedar Lake Park  
1994 Myron Orfield  
1992 Cliff French  
1991 Don Fraser  
1990 Elmer Anderson  
1987 Bruce Vento  
1981 McKnight Foundation Charitable and long-term efforts in the development of urban projects in Minneapolis and Saint Paul
1980 David Durenberger, United States Senator from Minnesota Proposed legislation to study the recreational potential of three major river corridors (Mississippi, Minnesota and St. Croix) in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area
1979 George Latimer, Mayor of Saint Paul Suppot and innovation to improve the urban environment
1975 Jerry Bridges  
1975 Norma Olsen  
1974 Steve King  
1974 Marilyn Lundburg  
1973 Dick G. Gray, Sr. Work at the Freshwater Biological Institute
1973 Charles Dayton  
1973 Gordon L. Morrison  
1973 The Minnesota Zoo Board  
1972 Dick G. Gray, Sr. Work at the Freshwater Biological Institute
1972 Gordon L. Morrison Instruction of educators, preservation of the environment and establishment of city-wide natural ecological communities
1972 Northern States Power Company Donation of wilderness lands along the St. Croix River to the State and Federal Government
1971 Moore on Sunday Television Show "Our Town" series
1971 Sigurd F. Olson Numberous publications on the natural environment and his reputation as an active environmentalist
1971 The Minneapolis Tribune Excellence in environmental commentary within its editorial section
1971 The Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG)  
1971 The Minnesota Resources Commission