Pop Up Public Spaces
October 21, 2014
5:30 - 9:00 p.m.

WILA-MN Presents What does it mean to rethink public spaces that haven’t been touched in decades, and reprogramming them with unique experiences on a pedestrian scale? Come Join WILA-mn to hear about a few projects that “popped” up this summer and their effect on our public spaces in Minneapolis.

Presentations and discussion will be moderated by Carrie Christensen

5:30- 6:30

6:30 The Parklot
Come hear Rachel Blaseg talk about “parklots,” which convert areas of lackluster concrete into inviting gathering space with greenery, seating and interactive public art. Rachel worked with Hennipen Trust to put a Parklot on Hennipen Ave. this summer.

6:50 Parking Day
Students at FAIR School, together with WILA-MN and Students for Design Activism have designed the temporary public parks in a collaborative design process to highlight International Park(ing) Day. PARK(ing) Day is a worldwide event where artists, activists, and citizens elevate and celebrate public space, particularly in dense urban areas. Come here the Students talk about their experiences.

7:10 Juxtaposition Arts
JXTA’s Tactical Urbanism team travels to neighborhood blocks and highly-frequented public spaces around the Twin Cities, seeking to create interventions to activate spaces and spark engagement with art making and energy. The apprectices in the Enviro studio will talk about their work.

Damon Farber
401 2nd Ave. N.

Professionals $10.00 ($15 at the door)
Students $5.00

Preregister is preferred.  Login at www.asla-mn.org

WILA MN  Pop Up Public Spaces Flyer