Year No. Date Facility Jury President Awards Chair Speaker  
  2014-2015         Matt Rentsch Ally Czechowicz
Andrew Montgomery
  2013-2014   Friday, May 2, 2014 The Varsity Illinois Chris Behringer Gabrielle Grinde
Ally Czechowicz
Tom Fisher, Dean, UMN College of Design  
  2012-2013   Friday, May 3, 2013 The Marsh Colorado Bryan Carlson Lillian Leatham
Gabrielle Grinde
  2011-2012   Friday, April 20, 2012 Science Museum Vermont Craig Wilson Lillian Leatham
Gabrielle Grinde
  2010-2011   Friday, April 29, 2011 Minikahda Club   Bruce Lemke Cynthia Zerger
Dana Schumacher
Jon Mueller, FASLA, ASLA President; Cecily Hines, Executive Director, Minneapolis Parks Foundation  
  2009-2010   Friday, April 23, 2010 International Market Square   Richard Murphy Chris Behringer
Cynthia Zerger
  2008-2009   Friday, April 24, 2009 Nicollet Island   Gina Bonsignore Frank Fitzgerald
Chris Behringer
  1995-1996 27th April 19, 1996 The Metropolitan Colorado Chapter, Elizabeth Hacker, Chair Bob Gunderson Russel Snyder    
  1994-1995 26th April 28, 1995 St. Paul Hotel Pennsylvania Chapter, Amelia Swiernick, Chair John Dietrich Russel Snyder Larry Milette  
  1993-1994 25th April 29, 1994 St. Paul Hotel  Great Plains Chapter, Mimi Askew, Chair Geoff Martin Russell Snyder Robert Bristol, "Chicago 93" Project - CDI @ LAF; Roger Martin, MASLA 25 Year Hitsory  
  1992-1993 24th April 2, 1993 Minnesota History Center Ohio Chapter, Peggy Brown, Chair Craig Churchward Geoff Martin Debra Mitchel, ASLA President  
  1991-1992 23rd April 3, 1992 Walker Art Center - "The Once & Future Park" Indiana Chapter, Ed Curtain, Chair Todd Wichman Todd Wichman    
  1990-1991 22nd April 12, 1991 St. Paul College Club Boston Chapter, John Furlong Bob Close Todd Wichman Don Fraser  
  1989-1990 21st April 6, 1990 St. Paul College Club Iowa Chapter, Greg Jones Jim Sturm Todd Wichman Gerald Patton  
  1988-1989 20th   St. Paul College Club   Barry Warner Jim Sturm    
  1987-1988 19th   St. Paul College Club Wisconsin Chapter, Brian Gutheinz, Chair Mark DeBower Todd Wichman    
  1986-1987 18th March 6, 1987 St. Paul College Club Michigan Chapter John Uban Michael Schroeder Bruce Vento  
  1985-1986 17th March 20, 1986 St. Paul College Club Iowa Chapter, Ed Mickelson, Chair Peter Olin Todd Wichman    
  1984-1985 16th April 25, 1985   Wisconsin Chapter, Carol Bangs, Chair Jim Dustrude Geoff Martin    
  1983-1984 15th              
  1982-1983 14th March 19, 1983 Calhoun Beach Club University of Manitoba Winnipeg Paul Schrooten