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Appreciation and Recognition - Minnesota Chapter of the ASLA - American Society of Landscape Architects

The Minnesota Chapter Executive Committee initiated awards of appreciation in 1980. These awards are given to individuals for special and significant contributions to the chapter. Each recipient is listed for the year in which their contribution was made.

2012 Terry Minarik Golf and Bowling
2011 Adam Arvidson _SCAPE Editor, 2005-2011
2011 Joan Berthiaume Co-Founder, Minneapolis Parks Legacy Society
2011 Gina Bonsignore Past President, 2007 - 2010
Director of Education, 2000 - 2004
2011 Karyn Luger Secretary, 2006-2008
Director of Communications, 2008-2010
2009 CLOSE Landscape Architecture + Peavey Plaza HALS Submittal
1997 Barry Warner  
1997 David Kirscht  
1996 Frank Edgerton Martin  
1996 Geoffrey C. Martin  
1996 Russel K. Snyder  
1996 Graham Sones  
1995 Michelle Bissonnette  
1995 Craig Churchward  
1995 Kathy Ryan  
1994 Ken Grieshaber  
1994 Jim Hagstrom  
1994 Kevin Norby  
1994 Peggy Sand  
1994 Carmen Simonet  
1994 Todd Wichman  
1994 Augustine Wong  
1993 Camille Calderaro  
1993 Bob Close  
1992 Jerry Bailey  
1992 Jim Sturm
1991 Diane Klausner  
1991 Greg Kopischke  
1991 Carol Zoff Pelton  
1981 Jerry Bailey Chairing the annual publication committee
1981 Carol Braun Programming many of the 1981 activities
1981 Cheryl Burley Production of the newsletter
1981 Jane Cinquina UNE review sessions
1981 Dave Owen Design awards program
1981 Bob Sykes UNE review sessions
1981 George Watson UNE review sessions
1980 Katie Beard Annual Banquet
1980 Jon Burley Newsletter Editor
1980 Kathy Coward Membership roster
1980 Tom DiRocco Zoo meeting
1980 Jim Hagstrom Zoo meeting
1980 Bob Hemming Zoo meeting
1980 Peggy Sand Zoo meeting
1980 Frank Svoboda Zoo meeting
1980 Gary Tushie Annual banquet
1980 Barry Warner Annual banquet
1979 Jane Cinquina Agricultural Extension Directory of Landscape Architects
1979 Cold Spring Granite Company Sponsorship of the quarry tour and program
1979 Tim Erkkila Assuming the role as Vice President during 1979
1979 Dave Owen Chapter awards program
1979 Gretchen Quie Desired involvement of the profession in the restoation of the Governor's mansion
1979 Jolly Roberts Newsletter
1979 Kathy Ryan Newsletter