2018 Engaged Communities, Engaged Design.
With this as our charge, we will focus the MN Chapter towards gathering, advocating for, and fostering a new perspective and approach to our design processes. In an era of short attention spans and tech zombies; of highly-polarized opinions, and little patience for ideas or people that differ from our own - how might we, as landscape architects, shape our design approaches differently to more deeply engage the communities we work with, striving to create stronger, in-depth, engaged designs that not only elevate the profession, but more importantly connect, heal, and elevate the communities they exist within?

2017 Equity - Designing for the 21st Century.
Landscape architecture can be a tool to promote social, environmental and economic equity. With this theme we’ll explore innovation and best practices in design and civic engagement to address environmental justice and the making of healthy and livable communities. 

2016 Cityscape 2050: Envisioning the Future

2015 A World of Solutions: One Profession, Endless Possibilities
Landscape architects are creative problem solvers, innovators, and solution-seekers. No matter what aspect of this diverse profession we represent, we approach challenges from a multi-faceted perspective rooted in our deep understanding of the environment, design, and solutions that work.

In 2015 our chapter will celebrate the many faces and expressions of our unique occupation, both locally and internationally. We hope you'll join us to explore the possibilities and the variety of our singular profession!

2014 Engage in the Future
The practice of landscape architecture is an engaging art – for all of our senses, our creativity, our intellect and our passions. Equally engaging is the call to share the best of our profession with others. In 2014, ASLA-MN invites you to celebrate our theme of “Engage in the Future - Step Up, Reach Out and Create Change."

This year, consider mentoring young talent, advancing landscape architecture education, or improving our communities to create positive changes in the way we live. Take the lead in creating a shared future that is ecologically robust, aesthetically powerful, and socially dynamic. Join with us to participate, educate, and advocate collectively, to engage a stronger future for those in our profession and beyond. How will you engage in 2014?

2013 Healthy by Design: Bringing Life to Communities and Communities to Life
In 2013, the American Society of Landscape Architects-Minnesota Chapter will focus on the contributions the practice of landscape architecture has made and can make to improving community health and well-being. Our theme is Healthy by Design: Bringing Life to Communities and Communities to Life.

Over the past decade, the health care industry, political leadership, and community organizations have begun to look more holistically at public health issues. Research into healthy living now routinely investigates not only medical causes, but also social and environmental factors that contribute to balanced, healthy and sustainable lives. A strong link between human health and landscape architecture has become apparent. Studies indicate that design with nature can positively impact deficit disorder, depression, diabetes, and obesity, as well as encourage quicker recovery time in hospitals.   Landscape architects have an important role to play in developing an environment that is healthy by design – creating and improving healing gardens, playgrounds, parks and trail systems, urban centers and more.

ASLA-MN looks forward to showcasing the work this theme inspires, and celebrating the legacy that landscape architects forge in the area of public health.

2012 Making Waves - Changing Course

2011 The Next Generation of Parks